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When you hear a melody from a flute or a basson
It can soothe your heart and set your mind at ease
but when you catch an inkling of my simple little tune
it ignites the flames of passion
"Aw Jeez"

All the men go wild when I play my harmonica
All the boys start jumpin when my blowin gets their young blood pumpin
I've seen men fight to the death
to hear me take another breath
so wouldn't ya, like to a, hear my hot harmonica

"Oh yes, she plays the harmonica that's true,
and that her playing drives men crazy,
yes that's true too.
In fact, we think that's why your ex husband left you,
Cause when you play harmonica, there's nothing anyone can do."

Oh sing it girls, sing it,
what they say is true indeed.
When I play, the boys start flockin,
that's why my man and I stopped talkin,
The audience can not escape,
on my cadenza solo break,
So wouldnt ya, like to a, hear my sweet sonatata"

"Oh yes, when she plays, it's true there's no escape,
and once she gets a goin then her solo has no break,
and we wouldn't wanna keep you here, or make anyone late,
cause maybe you all have plans later, like maybe a date or…."

And that's why I should start to play!

"Oh maybe another day"

Well I think these guys are ready

"no they're not, no one's ever ready"

Well you might be right on that,
You better hold on to your hats, fellas,
Cause I'm a, bout to a, start to play harmonica!


Well, that's that, she's played it all for you,
and now you all have had a taste of what we all go through
And we know what you're thinking,
we feel sorry for us too
cause when she plays harmoinca
there's nothing we can do


from TMJT Live at The Lost Church, released October 4, 2015



all rights reserved


The Muted Jewel Tones San Francisco, California

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